Gel Sanitiser

Handwashing and hand sanitizers reduce microbial populations in different ways. Handwashing – whether done with “antibacterial” soap or plain soap – physically removes microorganisms from the skin, literally washing the live microbes down the drain. Hand sanitizers reduce levels of microorganisms by killing them chemically, just like disinfectants kill germs on environmental surfaces.

The magnitude of the effect of handwashing is mainly a function of wash time and soap usage. Washing hands without soap is much less effective. Effectiveness from hand sanitizers is best when a large volume of product is applied to the hands. Applying a large volume of hand sanitizer ensures excess active ingredient and extends the period of chemical activity before the hand sanitizer evaporates.

Why Schnell Gel Based Sanitiser ?

  • 70% Alcohol
  • Non Sticky.
  • Easy to Use and Carry.
  • More effective.
  • Available in Different Packages.
  • Less irritating to skin.
  • Requires less time than hand washing.

Stock Available

  • 100 ml packs
  • 500 ml packs
  • 1 litre packs
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